Creating a better health deal for all

Implementing what's next for primary care. Designing and developing what's after what's next



Ventures is a not-for-profit organisation within the Pinnacle Group. We have two reasons for being. Firstly to deliver to the health system what’s next in  smartest virtual health and smartest hands on care. Secondly, to globally explore, feel and design what’s coming AFTER what’s next. 

What get's us up in the morning?

We can't stop asking what if and what's next? In all things patient care, digital health and technology, practice ownership, patient information systems and health service design.  And we laugh a lot!

Our Services

Whether it's practice ownership, IT solutions for best care and best business practice, developing new models of care like Health Care Home or sharing our experience and expertise through our consultancy we have the people and the knowledge. 

Check it all out below.... 



A total IT solution for General Practice

We have one focus: taking the hassle out of general practice’s IT experience, so GPs, nurses and practice managers can focus on patient care – not IT.

Currently, we support around 40 general practices and 1,400 individual users from across New Zealand on the xcrania IT platform.

Not only do we deliver quality, innovative, and efficient IT solutions to general practices, we focus on creating tailored IT solutions that meet general practice’s individual needs.

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Practice anywhere.... literally

Practice anywhere.... literally

Transforming Patient Information Systems

We explored the globe looking for a patient information system that would optimise the clinical consultation face to face or virtually, empower individuals to manage their own health easily and establish a master record as the one source of information for whoever needed it.  And we couldn't find it .... so we built our own. Designed by clinicians and managers we now have a system that does all that. And more. 

Visit our indici webite for more information

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Health Care Home

Health Care Home

Transforming primary care

The Pinnacle Group designed and developed the Health Care Home model that is now being rolled out nationally. We have many visitors each year looking at what we've done to achieve the publsihed outcomes and our learning along the way. Ventures leads the strategic development of the model - the 'what's next'. Its Health Care Home team leads the implementation within the network. We also provide consultancy to other organisations and practices wishing to adopt the model. 

Click below to our Health Care Home website for more detail on the model, the team and outcomes. Contact Helen for any enquiries.

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Practice Ownership 

Practice Ownership 

Transforming and Sustaining General Practice

We currently own nine practices across the North Island. We buy practices where owners are looking for an exit strategy or we form joint ventures or partnerships with owners. Practice ownership enables us to develop and prove operating models and new care models that address the current challenges of primary care. Give Justin a call for further discussion.

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Our Consultancy Services

   We provide consultancy to a range of clients, nationally and internationally. Examples include Health Care Home implementation, strategic health service development, developing and writing general practice business plans or sharing our experience of successful health service change. We also have qualified coaches who can support Boards or individuals develop their culture and leadership styles for transformational change.  We like to work with other organisations as it helps us to keep learning too.  Give Helen or John a call if you think we could help. 

Team Ventures

Come meet some of the team, but there's a lot more good folk behind this lot making the good things happen!

John Macaskill-Smith CEO and Director of Disruption

John has 20 years leading change in primary care + a few more doing other stuff.  John took Pinnacle from a small team of 16 people in 2001 to the broader group of companies and innovations that it’s so well known for.   Passionate about bridging the gap between technology and outcome, he loves the challenge of improving outcomes by blending the best of what we do with what we could do.  And his BBQs on his Big Green Egg are legendary.

Helen Parker Director of Organised Chaos

With over 35 years of experience (yes, that long) working in health systems as a nurse, health service manager, primary care academic and other development roles at Board level, Helen brings that all together in the Ventures space. She works best with coffee and helping others to think through the art of the possible in health care transformation. When not working she travels and eats.

Liz Patterson Director of Awesome (she really is!)                                                 

Where would organisations be without a Liz? Liz provides project management and administration support to the team. She could work for NASA with her expertise but we need her here. When she’s not making us look good, Liz runs round after 4 year old Grace.


Bevan Bayne Practice Development Geek

With  a background of 20 years successful years in leadership, coaching and business, Bevan brings an eclectic mix of sector experience (from telecommunications to kiwifruit! ) to the primary health sector.  He gets a kick out of helping general practice “get fit for the future” by changing something today.  As well as growing ideas he is also growing our PHCL and Health Care Home practices. Racing around supporting his kids is his other major project -  but he loves it. 

Will Hughes Product Evangelist

Will brings (quite) a few years of experience in sales management and general management from across a variety of both “for profit” and ‘for purpose” organisations. Having spent the last decade or so developing commercial products and services for NFP health and disability organisations, Will is now passionate in spreading the good news about how Ventures innovative products are pushing hard to shape a better future in primary health care. The original beach boy, he is still surfing when the weather is warm.

Alex Poor Health Informatics 

Having managed big data sets across the health, education and social sectors, Alex has a real passion for using data for positive change. Having completed an M.Phil on primary care health systems interoperability, Alex can also blend technical detail with the big picture. Outside of work he leads a high-octane lifestyle centred around obscure board games and linux 

Phillip Duncan The Indici Technical Guy

Phillip has a long history of working with blue-chip companies to use technology to implement significant innovations. Ventures’ approach to innovation is the ideal environment to see that depth of experience bear fruit for our clients, our partners’ clients and our partners. He loves to be out of the office in the beauty that is rural New Zealand.


Justin Butcher Practice Acquisition Guru

With a background of an advanced paramedic Justin is on top of all the vital signs of practice ownership. He has a good grasp of various ownership models and can support practices to achieve maximum effciency. As well as building our practice portfolio he's building a significant wine collection.